Monday, June 16, 2014

Class C is Aweeeesommeeeeee!

Well, this is our class photo. Please don't ask which one is me. Haha. Go ahead, try to find me. Im the one who stands at the back. XD

Sunday, June 15, 2014

About Me , Daughter of Musa Ahmad.

Hey readers / people / guys / ladies / gentleman or whatsoever! Ummmm okay. So I want to tell you guys about me, about who I am, what kind of person I am aaaaand other kind of things 'bout me (*well warning, It might bores you or it might annoys you.).

First thing first, my full name is FATHIN FARAH ATILIA BINTI MUSA (*remember the name!) , I am officially 18 years old as my birthday is on 4th of June. I was born in Hospital Perbidanan Sungai Petani, Kedah. I live in Seberang Jaya, Penang (*but not the island part of Penang). My parents actually bought two houses, one in Seberang Jaya where me and family always stays in, and one in Lunas, Kedah, which I rarely stay.

My mothers name is Saudah Binti Suait and my fathers name is Musa bin Ahmad. I have two older sister and one younger sister ,so basically I have no brother and all I have is GIRRLLLL POWWWER !! *rawrrr. Well except my father is a man okay. Haha. We have three years gapof age  between my sister, the first sister is now 24 years old ,second sister is 21 ,the third one is MEeeee! ,and the last one is my 15 years old lil' sister. Ummm, should I mention their name ? Aaaaaaa, maybe next time okay? Cause this post is about me. Muhaha.

Okay, the next thing about me is, I love to play sports, especially netball , I've once represent my school in a lot of tournaments. But as for now, I've stopped doing any sports ,and just lay low ,gaining extra fats. Seriously I am a lot lot lot fatter than I was in form 1. I was 45 kg in form 1 to form 2 , Now? Mm , aaaaa ,(*sigh) , 60kg mannn! Seriously I'm not lying this is the truth haha. When I was in form 1 ,I've studied in Penang sports school which is SMK Mutiara Impian ,(*wooo budak sports woo) haha, but then due to my sickness and the longing to study (*cause in sports school I was too tired to study and I have a lot of netball practice) ,I've transferred to SMK Convent Butterworth which is really near to the Ferry and bus terminal. So I settled down and studied there until I was form 5. So do you want to know whether I pass all the major exams with flying colours or not? Mm okayy okayy ,I'll tell you. For PMR I've successfully scored 8As ,and ummm for SPM (*sigh) ,Alhamdulillah I've scored 6As out of 10 subjects.

Next, I want to tell you about (*ummm) my attitude. I am that kind of person which always try to help people (*ceeewah) , I love to smile, I like to talk a lottt! , I eat a lot! ,I drink a lot! (*ahh wait, what??) haha, I love people making jokes, I reallly really do not know how to be serious like really serious as when you want to show someone that you are serious about something (*heh? What now?) , mm then ,I love to laugh, I'm a bit preppy and clumsy sometimes, but sometimes all the time. Haha. I really love to watch RUNNINGMAN !! Jihyo Gary Daebakkk! Haha. I also love LANA DEL REY so much, (*please do hear her songs.) Haa, The negative side of me is ,sometimes I love to play around in a bad situation / bad timing, haha. Also, I laugh spontaneously, even when I'm alone,  I'll sometimes laugh, ALONE ,repeat ALONE (*which kinda annoys people sometimes, I KNOW)  :'( *sobs haha. But, when I'm sad or I'm angry, I'll just be like silent, and dull ,there is no smile on my face, I'll be sitting alone, And I won't talk to much. Okay, so that is about my attitude.

Oh yeah, I have one story to tell you. This is on my health condition. I was once diagnosed with a heart disease (*umm I'm not sure whether it is a disease or not). It is called as CORONARY ARTERY FISTULAE (*please do search in the internet cause it is really a rare disease.) So I've been in and out of hospital since I was form 1, from KPJ Specialist Hospital to Penang General Hospital. Every once a year I have to see my doctor to check my heart. I've done a minor operation last 3 years and now I'm perfectly fine. I've just diagnosed with this disease when I was in form 2. This explained why I always fatigued when I am in sports school.

Okay ,I think thats it for now. Hey are you sleeping?!, I know my story is boring, haha. Anyway,if there is anything you want to ask me, anything you wanted to share about,any suggestions ,you can email me ,or you can leave your comments okay?. BUBYEEEEEE! Anyeonghaseyo. XOXO. Assalamuaalaikum :-*

Peace out to all my UiTM Shah Alam TESLians and especially to my classmates. <3

Thursday, June 12, 2014